View the Entire Day on your Wrist


The Botta TRES 24 Plus lets you view your whole day on your wrist, the way it should be viewed. Rather than following the archaic method of splitting your day into two 12 hour halves, the Tres 24 takes the logical step in the progression of watches, putting 24 hours of sheer chronometric accuracy under your sleeve.

Designed with clarity, and backed by logic, the TRES 24 comes from Botta, arguably a pioneer in the 24 hour watch movement. Created as a successor to the UNO (a single hand 24 hour watch), and the subsequent Duo. TRES 24 comes with 3 hands and a date window, encased in a chamfered, PVD coated stainless steel body. Designed to portray a certain edginess, the watch face comes with very characteristic hand designs, along with a sporty greyscale + red color combination. Atop the dial sits a double-domed sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coatings on both sides, allowing your 24 hour watch to be read from absolutely any angle, with no hindrance whatsoever.

TRES 24 indulges our obsession with 24 hour watches. One of the more sporty watches across the 24 hour watch spectrum, the Tres 24 comes in many varieties, across black and white colored dials, and full black vs. brushed metal bodies. The watch bodies are bound together by a wide choice of straps, going from the sporty rubber/silicone band, to an interlinked steel band that matches the metal bezel on the watch, to even the classic vegetable tanned leather band that gives the TRES 24 a classic makeover, rendering it perfect for everyday office wear.

On the inside, the TRES 24 is powered by a Swiss-made RONDA 515.24H Quartz movement. Water resistant up to 3ATMs and with a warranty that lasts two years, if you’re looking to take a leap into the 24 hour watch world (and it’s high time you should), the Tres is absolutely where you should begin!

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Designer: Klaus Botta

Click here to Buy Now: $475.00 $535.00











Click here to Buy Now: $475.00 $535.00