A Burning Desire to make Art

Any Photoshop users? Remember the Burn tool? You can own one now! FEBO is a literal burn-brush that allows you to paint with sunlight! Using a magnifying lens (a pretty large one, so stay safe, peeps), the FEBO converges light to a single point, allowing you to burn patterns or artwork or text onto a variety of surfaces. Its pretty easy to use, and comes with a protective guard so you don’t accidentally burn the table you keep it on! Packed along with it are a set of stencils, allowing you to burn some pretty neat looking patterns onto wood or cork or leather (you’ve got quite a few materials to choose from).

FEBO’s so hardcore, you’re advised to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright light. It also comes in a wide variety of wood choices, giving you the freedom to choose a finish of your choice!

Designers: Paola Papetti, Rosalia Galeano, Francesca Padovan

Buy It Here: $35.00 $49.00