Meditative work space gives you a great view of the city landscape

Sometimes when I’m dreaming about my ideal work and relaxation space, I think of full glass windows that’s overlooking something scenic like a beach or nature. But knowing that I’m really a city girl at heart, I know I wouldn’t survive living away from the concrete jungle. So the next best thing would be having a great view of the city, even if they’re just building landscapes and the occasional spots of green in between.

Designer: Luke Ogrydziak and Zoë Prillinger from OPA

This “retreat” designed on top of a four-story house may probably be close to the city space that I’ve been dreaming of. Aerie allows the users to have a work space that can be turned into a recreation space that is both meditative, minimalist, clean-looking, and “breathable””. They consider it both a physical and psychological space so you can work, read, relax, and rest with a view of San Francisco in front of you. Of course, you should not be afraid of heights if you have to enjoy it since it is cantilevering over the house.

The ceiling of this space is “open to the sky” so you can experience natural illumination during the day, which some consider as a better energy source than light bulbs, literally and figuratively. There are several diffusion layers that the sunlight will go through and is connected to the interior through the sun’s daily cycle. The entire space is evnveloped in a horizontal glass ribbon with just a few minimal breaks, giving you a feeling of immersion as you can see the city landscape at any angle.

There is a built-in desk for working and an upholstered chaise lounge both located on the “edge” while a living room set up and built in shelves are at the back part. Since I spend most of my day working and then relaxing by reading (or scrolling through my phone), this is the perfect set up. All is missing is an area for food and I’m all set. Well, if I could afford to have something like this and if I had a four story house where it can be built on. One could always dream.