This sleek luxury watch tested (and survived) ejection from a military fighter jet

There are probably almost zero chances that you will be ejected from a jet soon (unless that is a regular part of your job) but on the off chance that you will be, you’d probably want your watch to survive along with yourself. And if a watch claims that it can survive something as extreme as being ejected from a fighter jet, then you know it can survive the most brutal of situations. So if that’s the kind of watch you’re looking for, read on.

Designer: Bremont

You know that the British watch brand is serious about creating an in-house movement that will be able to survive extreme conditions when it worked with Martin-Baker, a company that creates ejection seats and other aviation equipment. They created a prototype watch to test out in their fighter jet ejection seat testing programme and this became the basis for what is now known as the MB Viper. It sounds like a fighter jet model but yes, it is a heavy-duty watch.

The watch is housed in a Grade 5 titanium and anodised aluminum case and is composed of rhodium plated bridges, a gold plated automatic bridge, and a rhodium plated, solid tungsten rotor. The carbon-coated case itself is 43.5mm long and 10.8mm thick and has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It has an orange bezel, a white dial, and in keeping with the jet theme, the chevron decorated hands look like the ejector handles on a military fighter jet.

Aside from being ejected from a jet, it also underwent zoom temperature climb testing, extreme temperature endurance, high altitude testing, and salt fog testing. It has 100 meters of water resistance and has 65 hours of battery life. You get black and orange canvas straps and there’s also a Super LumiNova giving a green light for the hour markers and hands in low lighting conditions. Each watch is hand-assembled upon order so you can expect a pretty high price tag for the MB Viper.