Sleek minimal aluminum + stainless steel chair was designed for quiet contemplation

We often underestimate the importance of a great chair. When in reality we really shouldn’t. We spend the majority of our day sitting on chairs, whether we’re working in our home office, enjoying a meal, or simply sitting and reading a book for leisure! Hence, this piece of furniture needs to be not only comfortable but ergonomic, and aesthetic as well. And, a well-designed chair that checks all these boxes is the Morph chair.

Designer: Jiung Yun and Minji Kim

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Designed by Jiung Yun and Minji Kim, the Morph chair was created for ‘quiet contemplation’. Our daily modern lives can be quite hectic and tiresome. We’re constantly bombarded by our own thoughts, our various responsibilities, and our never-ending task lists. With such a lifestyle, it’s extremely important to take our time for ourselves to simply unwind and relax, or we can get pretty close to having a nervous breakdown. The Morph chair was designed for moments like this, when we can take a break, and simply lounge about on it. It attempts to function as a calm space for users to organize their chaotic thoughts and worries, and take down their stress a notch or two.

The name ‘Morph’ was derived from the word ‘metamorphosis’, which means transformation or change. The name was dubbed to offer users a feeling of comfort and freedom and to help alleviate some of the anxiety they deal with on a regular basis. Morph features a clean, minimal, and simple form. The lower portion of the chair signifies the endless loop of complex and chaotic thoughts that run through our minds. These thoughts finally merge into one finite and static curve. From the side, it looks like one neat line, representing how our minds can become peaceful, once we start organizing our thoughts.

Thoughts are rational, static, and cold, and the designers wanted to express this through the material of the chair. Hence, they selected aluminum and stainless steel to build the chair, giving it a rather cold and static appeal. Besides functioning as a chair, Morph has a storage section integrated beneath the seat, which can be used to store books and other miscellaneous items.