Better Air Means Better Business


You make choices about the restaurants, bars or stores you visit based on their locale. I mean, everybody wants to end up in a good neighborhood that’s safe and clean, right? However, we never take into consideration the air quality surrounding these places. Pure City is a concept that “commodifies” air quality to incentivize businesses to do what they can to improve air quality in their immediate areas.

By implementing a large network of delicate sensors, the system can track geo-specific pollution levels in real time. Either on their phone, computer or at strategically placed stations throughout the city, users of the system can see what areas are currently plagued with pollution and make healthy choices about where to eat, drink, shop or hang out based on the air quality. In doing so, businesses will be more inclined to pitch in and work together to make eco-friendly improvements to their neighborhoods!

Designer: Fynn Eckstein