This tiny wireless charger is a convenient alternative to the Apple MagSafe Charger

Whether you’re working from home, or in a corporate office, the one thing that’s pretty much consistent in both these scenarios is a desk! A desk is probably one of the most important pieces of furniture in our modern lives, only because we spend the majority of our day on it. You may be typing away to glory, munching away on a snack, or simply fidgeting with a random object – you do end up spending hours on your desk. And hence, it’s really important that your desk be neat, tidy, and uncluttered. Not only will this improve your work routine and productivity, but it will also help you maintain a clearer and more streamlined mindset. And, I’ve discovered that adding limited, quality, and innovative products to my desk setup can help me in achieving these goals! And a nifty desk accessory that I recently came across is the Neatcharge wireless charger.

Designer: Humanscale

Designed by office furniture brand Humanscale, the Neatcharge is a wireless charger that can be neatly attached to the underside of your work desk or any flat surface to subtly charge your phones. The 13-centimeter-wide wireless charger was designed as a discreet alternative to traditional wired chargers, which tend to clutter up our desks and make them messy. Neatcharge, on the other hand, helps to maintain a clean work desk and can be utilized in the office and home as well.

The charger can be attached to the underbelly of a flat surface using screws or double-sided tape. Once you place the phone on the wireless charger, it turns on and uses magnetic resonance technology to power the phone. Once you remove the phone from the charger, it instantly powers off.

“While conventional wireless chargers are required to be placed on top of the desk or between the furniture, therefore, permanently affecting the worksurface, NeatCharge seamlessly mounts underneath the desk or any tabletop. This positioning brings power exactly where the user requires it while keeping the workspace or living area free of additional clutter and cords,” said Humanscale. The Neatcharge models at priced at $199 onwards, and are a bit heftily priced.