Never miss a beat with this mic

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to record something meaningful with your smartphone, only to realize that you should have just done the sensible thing and bought a mic. I can’t say that I’ve had the fortune of researching the world of mics too frequently, but the Mikme is easily the most fun mic out there at the minute. Mikme is the world’s first Wireless Microphone & Audio Recorder. Recording studio-quality sound at the touch of a button. What’s even better is the Mikme accompanying app – capture a video with your smartphone and audio will be automatically synced with your video. Albeit the Mikme does have a cool design, ergonomically this product is questionable. Holding it in hand appears to be awkward but placed on a table it is seemingly gorgeous. It does look very durable and something of a great need for anyone getting started with audio and visual recording. Calling all musicians, vloggers, journalists and all those who demand exceptional audio on the go, Mikme will make your life a lot easier.

Designer: Mikme