McDonald’s designs takeout bags that turn into an outdoor table in Milan

Most of the time, when I order take out from a fast food chain, that’s because I want to eat it at the office or at my house. Because I live in a pretty humid country, very rarely would I want to actually eat outdoors. And even if I wanted to enjoy fresh air while gobbling up fries , there are not enough places where I can just sit down (or stand up) and enjoy my lunch or snacks. If you live in Milan (I wish I did for many reasons), McDonald’s has a solution for you.

Designer: Leo Burnett for McDonald’s

For this year’s Milan Design Week, they released a limited edition TableBag which serves as not just your takeout box but can also be turned into an outdoor table, provided you have a post to place it on. They actually provided some of these posts and they come with a sign that says “Let me be your table.” although they didn’t really say if any other post or short pole will do.

The take out box doesn’t look like the usual one you get from the fast food chain. In fact, it is pretty big considering that you will turn it into a sort of table. Once you’ve unfolded your cardboard tabletop, it’s enough to fit in two sets of burgers and fries and cup holders for a pair of drinks as well. When you’re done using it as a table, you can bring it to a recycle bin since the entire thing is fully recyclable.

If you’re expecting this table top to be available at the McDonald’s near you, sorry to say that these were only for a few, lucky people who ordered through their app in Milan. It is a pretty interesting idea though that other countries can adapt, although as mentioned, it’s hard to eat outside where I’m from so it probably won’t reach a lot of places.