Fritz Hansen Superllipse Table Dressed with Bisazza Mosaics by Carlo Dal Bianco

In 1968, Fritz Hansen introduced the Superellipse table designed by Piet Hein and Bruno Mathsson, a table which has since become a design icon; today it’s more popular than ever. In cooporation with the world’s leading manufacturer of exclusive mosaics Italian Bisazza, a range of 9 unique and exclusive tables have been produced, all with their own special designs by Carlo Dal Bianco. We are very proud of these spectacular tables, and it has been a pleasure working with a professional world class brand like Bisazza says Jacob Holm, CEO at Fritz Hansen.

Designer: Carlo Dal Bianco [ Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen ]


  • jayanthi sr says:

    How beautifully traditional mosaics were blended with contemporary materials to evolve a very elegant, stylish and modern collection. Kudos to team FH.

  • Saul says:

    La descripción heráldica sería en castellano algo como Gules, un hombre
    salvaje, sujetando con su mano derecha su garrote y posándolo en su hombro derecho.

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