Smart shelving system provides versatile storage and partitions in modern offices

One problem that never seems to leave us, especially if you live in a major city – is the lack of space! If you’re an independent millennial who recently moved out of their family home and into their own, then a significant issue you may be dealing with almost every day…is space constraints in your home. And this problem also tends to follow us to our offices – whether commercial or home. Commercial offices are teeming to the brim with hordes of employees, and the furniture they need – desks, chairs, office pods, conference tables, etc. And smart storage solutions for offices are often harder to come by, as compared to those for our homes. One such well-designed storage solution for commercial offices is the Combus Shelving System by Narbutas.

Designer: Narbutas

Designed by office furniture brand Narbutas, the Combus Shelving System is a super smart furniture design that not only provides versatile storage but also offers a way to partition spaces in the office. The Combus system is a pretty crafty one – it features a range of varied shelving types and heights, that can be customized in different finishes, and integrated with accessories such as planter boxes, metal bookends, and felt storage baskets to give each piece a unique and individual look.

The Combus system is available in the traditional “I” shape for shelving, but also in innovative configurations such as “L” and “T” shapes. This makes dividing the office space quite fun and interesting, irrespective if you’re creating private work areas, lounges, or meeting spots for collaborations. The closed shelving options which are higher can be used to provide privacy around areas where employees work and have meetings, while the shorter shelves can be used to partition spaces without completely segregating employees, and their opportunities to converse and connect.

The Combus system is also excellent for meetings since you can attach screens for presentations to its structure, using a metal duct that hides the cable away to provide a clean, decluttered, and wire-free look. Combus was created using recycled materials and can be easily and efficiently disassembled for reuse and adaptation, as and when needed.