Slithering sculptural table with smart storage surfaces is inspired by the king cobra

If you’ve ever even remotely spent time in the design world on Instagram, then you’ve for sure come across Deniz Aktay. His simple, minimal, yet genius furniture pieces have slowly but surely taken the IG world by storm. The success of his designs lies in the fact that they’re oh-so-simple, elegant, and yet packed with massive functionality. The simplicity will almost make you wonder ‘Why didn’t I think of this?’, but unfortunately for us and luckily for Aktay, no one else can conjure these designs up except him. He’s created wonders – from a unique bookshelf that functions as a side table to a coffee table design with intriguing layers. And, we’re currently drooling over the Cobra table.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

As its name signifies, the inspiration behind the Cobra table was simple – it was a cobra. While designing the Cobra table, Aktay had the intention of creating something that is artistic and sculptural, but also functional. And the Cobra table checks all three of these boxes! The Cobra table could function as a small center table, or a more suitable side table. It doesn’t have much of a footprint, and it has a snake-inspired form that is accentuated by a rather meandering shape.

The smartly designed table features three storage levels. The different levels slither from the bottom to the top, much like a majestic king cobra! This gives the table quite a sculptural feel and a dynamic and free-flowing form. The base and the tabletop function as storage spaces, as well as the intermediate surface in between them. At first, you may assume that the surface in the center has no function, but Aktay has left no component of the Cobra Table useless. The three storage floors are excellent for storing books, magazines, documents, and other souvenirs. The topmost surface can also hold glasses or plates if you like snacking in your living room.

The table is a beautiful bright orange, which heightens its uniqueness and quirkiness. Aktay does prefer to utilize bright and bold colors for most of his designs, colors that you may not usually associate with pieces of furniture. The orange color he picked for this table is an example of that, but also an example of how a simple color can completely illuminate and uplift a design!