CASETiFY brings Crocs-like pin charms to add some fun to your phone covers

Because smartphones are almost an extension of our body in that we carry them almost everywhere we go, a lot of people also use them to express their personalities. There are a lot of cases and accessories that you can use now to shout out your fandom or your favorite things but you probably have to constantly change it if you want to show off different aspects of your personality or if you just want different things every few weeks. If you’re a fan of Crocs’ Jibbitz charms accessories, you’ll love these new cases from CASETiFY.

Designer: CASETiFY

The Push-In Cases from CASETiFY use soft-touch silicone that is able to protect your smartphone from falls, shocks, vibrations, etc. It has a MIL-STD-810G certification which is actually a military-grade standard for products that can protect your item from various environmental pressures. It also has raised bezels to protect your screen. So if you’re looking for something that has a comfortable grip, is lightweight but can still be sturdy enough to protect your phone, this is a good option. But obviously, that will not be the main reason for you to choose this case.

The case has around 13-14 dotted pits where you can plug in various charms that match your personality or your mood for that week. You have some cutesy charms like smileys, bears, rainbows, and flowers as well as more specific things like butter on toast, cowboy boots, checkered hearts, yin-yang with hearts, sunny side up eggs, etc. These charms or pins were created by the various “artists, designers, and visionaries” that they partnered with.

You get four basic colors for the Push-In Cases: black, pink, lavender, and cream. Of course, you get simple colors since the pins will be the ones to bring fun and color to your case. There’s also a limited-edition Barbie version that is black but has pre-fitted pink pins, just in time for Barbie-mania to hit us once again with the upcoming movie. For now, it’s only available for iPhones but hopefully, other brands will also be able to join the fun soon.