This travel trailer swivels 90-degrees to transform from closed cabin into open living tiny home

Glamping industry is not necessarily dependent on travel trailers in New Zealand, but if the market has to swing out the way it’s in the West, something like the Romotow T8 would have to lead the way. This tiny house cum trailer has a peculiar rotating system to change form from closed to an open living.

Created by New Zealand-based design and architecture firm W2, the Romotow seems a very innovative design for a trailer, with a fixed chassis that features a rotating closed living unit capable of swiveling around full 90-degrees to create an extra outdoor living space.

Designer: W2

Irrespective of its novelty, the W2 Romotow is a concept that we first saw in 2012. Yes, a decade later, the Romotow T8 sees fruition. This production-ready model of the swiveling caravan remains true to the original design wherein the hydraulics open and close the Romotow at the push of a button. It takes less than a minute to open or close.

In transit, the 30.5ft Romotow remains closed and when it’s stationed for overnight camping, the main living unit with panoramic glass windows on both sides can swivel open: this form factor creates two sections, a large deck and a sleeping/living cabin.

The rotating main cabin comprises a dining area, which converts into a sleeping unit for two. Behind the dining area is the furnished kitchenette. The open deck – that shows up when the main cabin swivels – features nice wooden flooring. The space can be used as a patio or as an entertainment area featuring a 32-inch 4K smart TV or an outdoor projector system with a pull-down screen.

The hydraulic rotation system is the highlight of the Romotow T8, but to align with other requirements of a capable caravan, the T8 is powered by a 200Ah lithium battery and also features a 395W solar panel on the roof. Starting at NZ$429,000 (approximately $250,000) the T8 is available in varied options and configurations. The price increases with the choice of add-ons.