Lenovo Legion Slim and LOQ computers offer the power that gamers and creators need

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, contrary to stereotypes, especially now that mobile gaming has become such a lucrative industry. Gamers also have different preferences for their hardware, giving rise to the still ongoing console versus PC debates, which now include smartphones, too, to some extent. Gamers, however, aren’t gaming 24/7 (even those some would most probably really want to), and they will most likely use their gaming computers for other purposes as well, including creating content, whether for fun or for profit. Catering to these people’s varied needs and preferences is what Lenovo’s newest batch of gaming computers is designed for, covering a wide range of gamers and users, especially those just starting out on their adventures.

Designer: Lenovo

8th-gen Lenovo Legion Slim Laptops

The ThinkPad might be synonymous with Lenovo, but the world’s biggest PC maker is by no means behind in the gaming market. Its Legion brand is right up there among gaming laptops, some desktops, as well as monitors. At MWC 2023 last month, Lenovo unleashed a flood of new ThinkPads and Yogas aimed at serious work, and now it’s giving gamers their due with a variety of 8th gen Legion laptops to choose from, particularly from the “Slim” line that values portability without compromising performance.

Lenovo Legion Slim 7

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i

Right at the top of the list are Legion Slim 7i and Slim 7, both powerhouses powered by the latest Intel Core i9 and AMD Ryzen 9 processors, respectively. The laptops also combine an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 GPU with a WQXGA Lenovo PureSight display in a large 16-inch size that seems to be on the rise these days. Lenovo likes to keep things cool using not only its ColdFront 5.0 advanced thermal system but also its new LA AI chip that uses machine learning to dynamically fine-tune performance while minimizing noise.

Lenovo Legion Slim 5

Not far behind are the 16-inch Legion Slim 5i and Slim 5, dividing the lines between Intel and AMD models as well. The former supports up to an Intel Core i7-13700H, while the latter goes as high as an AMD Ryzen 9 7840HS. The Legion Slim 5 series pays special attention to portability and on-the-go computing, especially with its 80Wh battery that supports 8 hours of use and Super Rapid Charge technology. There’s even a new 14-inch AMD option that maximizes the space on your desk and in your bag.

Lenovo Legion Slim 5i

Here are the pricing and availability details for Lenovo’s 8th-gen Legion Slim laptops:

  • Lenovo Legion Slim 7i (Intel, 16″) – April 2023, starting at $1,769.99
  • Lenovo Legion Slim 7 (AMD, 16″) – May 2023, starting at $1,769.99
  • Lenovo Legion Slim 5i (Intel, 16″) – April 2023, starting at $1,349.99
  • Lenovo Legion Slim 5 (AMD, 16″) – May 2023, starting at $1,199.99
  • Lenovo Legion Slim 5 (AMD, 14″) – October 2023, price to be disclosed later

New Lenovo LOQ Gaming Brand

Lenovo is also taking the opportunity to launch a completely new gaming sub-brand, simply named Lenovo LOQ (pronounced “lock”). This family of gaming computers is targeted at new gamers testing the waters but don’t want to break the bank immediately. Low-end, they are not, as these machines are still powered by the latest Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 series processors. They also support an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 GPU with a MUX switch that toggles between integrated graphics and NVIDIA GPU depending on the task at hand.

Lenovo LOQ 16i

The LOQ family starts with 16-inch LOQ 16 and 15-inch LOQ 15 laptops that carry some of the Lenovo Legion branding while establishing their own visual signature. The latter comes in the form of an I/O “notch” on the back. Despite their beginner-friendly features and price tags, the new Lenovo LOQ doesn’t skimp on important gaming features, including a full-sized Lenovo gaming keyboard with numpad, as well as the company’s new AI Engine+ for smarter wattage and thermal tuning.

Lenovo LOQ 15

Lenovo LOQ 15i

Not all PC gamers, however, are satisfied with the power that gaming laptops deliver. For these folks, the new Lenovo LOQ Tower 17i brings a more traditional and even more powerful desktop gaming experience, with their choice of desktop-class NVIDIA RTX 40 Series graphics to cram inside the 17L chassis. Unlike most gaming towers, the LOQ 17i dials down the colors, content with stylish and eye-catching blue-accented 2D and 3D stripes on the front that give a nod to the Legion brand.

Here are the pricing and availability details for Lenovo’s all-new LOQ brand:

  • Lenovo LOQ 16IRH8 (Intel, 16″) – May 2023, starting at $1,149.99
  • Lenovo LOQ 16APH8 (AMD, 16″) – June 2023, starting at $959.99
  • Lenovo LOQ 15IRH8 (Intel, 15″) – April 2023, starting at $899.99
  • Lenovo LOQ 15APH8 (AMD, 15″) – May 2023, starting at $899.99
  • Lenovo LOQ Tower 17IRB8 (Intel) – Fall 2023, starting at $979.99