Three angled volumes make up this cozy + minimal home in the Greek mountains

Located in the Helmos mountains in Kalavryta, Greece is the Snowfall House. Placed on 4000 square meters of land and near the Kalavryta ski center, the intriguing home was designed by Design Over The Norms. The home is blessed with stunning views of the forest, and natural light streams into it throughout the day. It consists of three volumes, with two of them functioning as the base. The two base structures have been clad in stone, and are placed diagonally to one another. A third volume rests on top of the two, resembling the snow-capped mountains that surround the home.

Designer: Design Over The Norms

The main section of the home is rectangular in shape, and houses the common public spaces and the master bedroom, while the smaller volume on the ground functions as a guest suite. The upper white-colored volume includes all the additional bedrooms. An underground garage is also added, which stores and conceals cars, to ensure that nature is not disrupted.

The entire intention behind designing the house was to ensure that it effortlessly blends with the surrounding mountains. The home integrates into the landscape, owing to the stone volumes on the ground, and the while-colored top volume which looks a lot like snow! Materials such as wood and stone were used in the construction of the home, to perfectly capture the natural rocky textures of the region.

The intersection of the base volumes and the upper volume creates a covered courtyard that is functional throughout the year. It provides protection against the summer sun and the cold during the winter. The interiors of the home are quite minimal, elegant, and timeless. Clean white walls, wooden accents, and minimal and simple furniture mark the entirety of the home. Earthy tones are perfectly accentuated by herringbone wood floors and furniture. Massive windows provide views of the surrounding picturesque environment. The Snowfall House is a perfect little escape in the Greek mountainside. Besides the picture-perfect location, the spaciousness of the home as well as the three angled volumes that make up its structure, add on to the uniqueness of the home.