Ukrainian-designed furniture collection returns to the basics of simplicity and ease

Two separate but complementary design movements have given rise to a new furniture market. The minimalist design trend embraced simpler shapes and structures, which made DIY or do-it-yourself furniture become more accepted than ever before. Even flat-packed furniture, however, has started to sway to the opposite side, increasing the complexity not only of the design but also the assembly of these products. While that definitely has some aesthetic appeal, it came at the price of losing what made such furniture convenient and flexible, especially when it comes to moving around from place to place. Seeing the transition from lockdown trends to the migration crisis, a group of Ukranian designers set about to create a set that goes back to the roots of flat-packed furniture, putting the focus back on simplicity, mobility, and ease of self-assembly.

Designer: YourFoRest

“Simple” doesn’t have to mean boring. Combining simple shapes can lead to interesting forms that delight the eyes just as much as complex curves or intersecting lines. This furniture collection’s simplicity, however, isn’t just in the way it looks. The more important mark of simplicity is the patented fastening system that makes it easy to put pieces together without the use of nails or screws, unlike other DIY furniture.

“Ease” is the predominant theme of this set, as made apparent by its name. The EasyStory collection is made up of six products that can stand on their own or be used to complement each other. They’re easy to put together and easy on the eyes, but they also exhibit non-trivial shapes like arcs and curves. That said, there are no hidden tricks or compartments to each piece, with all of its features and spaces available for anyone to easily see.

EasyBed is a low bed that is a perfect match for the equally low EasyTray. Likewise, EasyDesk is a straightforward work surface that you can use together with the EasySeat stool. EasyHanger is an open-style closet with space for shoes at the bottom and other items on top, while EasyTable is a single-layer side table with horizontal beams crossing its legs to give it a more interesting silhouette. All six pieces are made from natural ash wood and coated with a matte water-based varnish.

The EasyStory furniture collection uses an intersection of horizontal and vertical pieces to create its different shapes, and it’s this simple design that helps make it more understandable and approachable. More than just its static form, however, the design puts a heavy emphasis on ease of assembly and transportation, two essential properties where people find themselves constantly on the move, such as when evacuating their homes due to calamities or wars.