One Loose and Tight Chair

When I was a kid, I had a toy made of plastic and string. It was a pile of body parts all connected by the string. There was a button on the bottom of this toy and at the push of this button, the spring would be sprung, the string would be taut, and all the pieces would be held together tight, revealing Mickey Mouse! I can’t remember a single place where this lovely concept had been used, until now, in a chair!

This is the “Miniature Lazy Chair,” designed by Fresh West and hand assembled by Laikingland. The Miniature Lazy Chair is a 1:6 scale version of the original Lazy Chair which is brought to exhibitions and constantly met with a pleased crowd. One push of the lever on the stand and the chair collapses. A few moments pass, and the chair is pulled back upright in whichever order it happened to fall.

This chair represents several shared interests between Fresh West and Laikingland: movement, craftsmanship, and playfulness. Fun stuff!

Designer: Fresh West for Laikingland