This Hyundai IONIQ is a sensuous luxury sedan concept that’ll never come to life

Hyundai is going all out with its IONIQ brand’s lineup of electric vehicles of the future. The timeless design of the EVs in the kitty combines elements of past, present and future automotive aesthetics.

The IONIQ 6 electrified sedan is a grand example of the South Korean automotive giant’s vision of the future, and the dreamy world premiere was an eye-opening representation of the fact.

Designer: Jeeeun Youn

A hatchback eventually graduated into a sedan, the evolution of IONIQ, in general, is the brand’s direction, and we could even see electrified SUVs or performance roadsters in a decade’s time. But before that a creative designer wants us to imagine what an ultra-luxury EV from the Hyundai camp will look like. A stretched luxury sedan that’ll leave nothing to long for if executed to perfection.

This is the Hyundai IONIQ 10 DUKE concept that showcases the epitome of luxury with a sensuous and emotional design. According to the digital creator, it’s a “Timeless Value” design iteration with a long hood. The aesthetics of this reimagined Hyundai EV sedan is concise and edgy to give off a bold vibe. The presence of retro and ultra-modern in the concept is a rarity that even Hyundai would appreciate.

The front carries a very neat and refined design while the rear adopts a voluminous look courtesy of those sharp lines. For the headlights, the same parametric pixels are used to stamp the IONIQ brand authority. Those wheel rims and the front grille section have the same sophistication as that of a Mercedes-Maybach, so there could be some borrowed inspirations here.

That said the ultra-luxe sedan will be something to reckon with for other brands that cater to the rich and famous. But sadly I don’t see this luxury EV on four wheels seeing the light of the day in a future where compact lounge interiors dominated autonomous vehicles will rule the roost.