This versatile seating collection includes modular seating and work booths to make offices comfortable

Employees have slowly but surely made their way back to corporate offices, and it is certainly a transitionary phase where they learn to adapt and settle down in an office space once again. In such a situation, it’s important to add well-designed furniture designs that help them feel comfortable, space, and motivated in their workplace. And adding the right furniture designs can greatly contribute to creating an office that is conducive to motivation and productivity. And one such furniture design that I recently came across is the Homework seating collection by Derlot.

Designer: Derlot

Designed by Derlot founder Alexander Lotersztain, the Homework seating collection includes modular seating and work booths designed to make corporate offices feel more comfortable and conducive to productivity. It consists of a versatile and wide range of linkable elements which feature a harmonious merging of wood and upholstery. The blending of wooden and upholstered elements creates a collection of furniture pieces that are minimal and sturdy.

The collection consists of 90-degree curved units that are conjoined together to form a ring or circle of seating around a table. It also includes 60-degree angled units that can be used to create intriguing layouts, as well as workstations that can be utilized to work in some privacy and with some more focus. There are booths as well that can be used to hold small or casual meetings. The various seating units are available in a variety of options – with no backs at all, low backs, or high backs. The high backs are available with an option of bar tables at the back, which can be used to create an additional casual seating area or a stand-up desk.

“Marrying functionality, simplicity, and contemporary design aesthetics, Homework embraces the compound nature of its name by challenging the relevance of clear-cut workspaces and bringing a feeling of home to work,” said Derlot. The seating collection comes upholstered in an option of fabric or leather – according to the customer’s choice. The legs and tabletop are available in options of American oak, black-stained American oak, or American walnut. Integrated power units can be added to the seating as well.