This foldable wooden desk lets you setup a discreet home office whenever you need it

There’s always been a need for compact and functional workstations. But this necessity is further compounded by the growing trend of distance learning and working from home, especially after the pandemic. We’ve been through various furniture solutions catering to the demand; however, many people still face difficulties in reconciling needs with their small space at home.

To address this problem, Whynot Design has introduced a unique and innovative solution called the Allieva. This foldable wooden workstation is designed for Foppapedretti, one of the most well-known Italian brands for baby products and wooden furniture since 1945.

Designer: Whynot Design

This sleek, foldable work desk is meant to fit in any space, making it perfect for small houses and dorm rooms. Despite compromising on size, Allieva is aesthetically pleasing. It takes up as little space as possible and measures only 7-inches deep when folded.

The workstation can be set up easily with a simple gesture. It comes with two detachable, multipurpose trays which offer a convenient space to hold accessories when the work desk is closed and become a practical tablet holder during a video call when you flip the desk open.

To make the setup more convenient, the Allieva comes with a large compartment at the base of the table that allows you to keep everything you need within reach. You can also rearrange the desk and close it back with just a few gestures.

The workstation has four wheels that allow you to move it easily from one room to another, making it possible to create a discreet home office whenever you need it, whenever you need it. Whynot Design’s interesting workstation “combining uncompromising practicality with a refined aesthetic” is one unique home-office solution in the horde of alternatives out there.