The Claw gaming mouse takes inspiration from a vicious jungle-cat’s paw!

Designed for the gamer with cat-like reflexes, the Claw is a feline-paw inspired gaming mouse that amps up the aggression. Angular cuts and sharp claw-like mouse-buttons make the mouse live up to its name… but that’s not all! The Claw’s mouse buttons are retractable, just like a cat’s claws! Designed as an ergonomic feature for people with bigger hands, or who want longer buttons, Claw’s left and right click buttons extend outwards (along with the golden scroll wheel) by as much as 20mm, giving you a mouse that goes from 115 mm long to 135 mm long! Its edgy design, black paint-job, and angular, Black Panther-inspired linear detailing makes me want to scream “Wakanda Forever” every time I play a game with it!

Designer: Akshay Bhurke