Shoelaces Not Needed

Everyone knows how to tie shoelaces but most don’t know how to properly adjust them. That uncomfortable shoe could just be a matter of tension. Technically you should readjust every 4-5th wear. Why even bother if there’s something better? The No Shoelace Shoe uses a single strap that wraps around the entire width of your foot’s arch. By simply tightening or loosening a velcro strap, you achieve the perfect fit. Designed for runners but this simple design could easily translate into any footwear.

Designers: Seon-Keun Park & Jin-Sun Park

[youtube: 468 344]

No Shoelace Shoe Design by Seon-Keun Park & Jin-Sun Park





  • AlienzExist says:

    This doesn’t even look like it will work, that animation is very non-convincing. “No shoelace but better” is not a coherent statement either, especially if they are calling the future of shoes.

  • Berllin says:


  • Todd says:

    Velco is noisy when pulled apart. Also it become less effective over time.

  • Noah says:

    From what I can tell, that red band is an elastic. Imagine you are putting on a heavy-duty sock, not a shoe.

  • colby says:

    Sounds like a great idea; without the velcro. If they do get this design to work then it could be a revolution in footware and eventually sports

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