Fire Lily-shaped observation deck creates a beautiful nature-inspired platform in the wetlands

Almost identically mimicking the Fire Lily (Gloriosa Lily) with its unique shape and upturned petals, Thilina Liyanage’s Wetland Observation Deck really makes nature larger-than-life. The deck, accessible via a flight of stairs, can accommodate small groups of up to 6-8 people, giving them enough space to mingle around and view the wetlands.

Designer: Thilina Liyanage

The Wetland Observatory Deck makes use of wood in Liyanage’s signature style. Sitting a cool 10 feet off the ground, the circular deck is made entirely from wood, as is the column it stands on. The decorative elements like the fire lily’s petals and sepals are made from bent sheets of wood too, using bamboo for its resilience to moisture as well as its ability to easily be curved into any shape. The petals that shroud the deck are true to form, perfectly imitating the real flower itself with its fire-like petals. Each petal is also colored red and yellow, as a tribute to the original flower, adding a vibrant touch to the deck. I’m not entirely certain whether having a vibrant observation deck is the best idea (given that camouflage is the key to any sort of wildlife observation), but this piece of estate does make for a great photo point and a sunrise/sunset viewing spot.