This LEGO-like cable organizer is a fun and innovative way to keep your desk organized

As someone who uses multiple gadgets and therefore carries several cords with me at all times, the chances of these cords tangling themselves with each other and with my other stuff are pretty high. The same thing almost always happens with my various chargers in my workspace. There are several solutions already available in the market but there is always room for even more innovation. Sometimes, the best solutions can also be the simplest.

Designer: Adam Miklosi

This concept for a cable organizer came about because of the same problem that I and countless individuals, have experienced as stated above. He also experienced the tangling of cords with other stuff in his bag, in particular, with something as mundane as his lozenges. This inspired him to design a cable organizer that is actually similar to his pack of lozenges. Actually, at first glance, they looked more like lego pieces or bricks, if you didn’t know the backstory.

The cable organizer is made of a silicone body with peg circular cylinders on top where you wrap the cords around. You can actually place 2 cables on top of each other if they’re placed in the same row. He came up with 3 different types, depending on how many cables you have and also the space on your work area. There’s a mini (2×2), a medium one (3×3), and a large cable holder (2×5). If you’re using it on your desk, you can stick it to the surface with a micro suction tape.

The renders show different colors, most of them in light, pastel colors. There are also different materials used like concrete, teak wood, and even a Prusament galaxy black PLA. It’s something that’s pretty simple but also well thought of. I for one, with my constant tangle of cords and cables, would like to have something as minimalist and functional as this. While it’s designed for work spaces, it would also somehow work for my bag as well.