This Gentleman’s EDC Organizer stores all your belongings and charges your gadgets with style

Simply titled ‘The Hub’, this slick offering from Holme & Hadfield is an absolute essential for your bedside table or work desk. Crafted from fine walnut wood, The Hub epitomizes class with the way it lets you organize and present all your EDC while decluttering your desk and life. It even comes with dedicated charging docks for your smartphone and earbuds, and a resting spot for your wristwatch. Think Marie Kondo meets Ron Swanson meets Jony Ive.

Designer: Holme & Hadfield

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With a footprint that measures a mere 9.5 x 6.5 inches, The Hub sits rather perfectly on spacious desks and even the most compact of bedside tables. Designed as a one-stop destination for your everyday carry (when you’re not really carrying it), The Hub provides the perfect resting spot for all your gear. There’s a tiny segmented drawer that opens up to stash your wallet, keys, thumb drives, business cards, stationery, and other bits and bobs, while the upper surface of The Hub is split into two distinct zones. Right in front is a felt mat for your spectacles (so they don’t get scratched) or any other gear, and behind it are dedicated charging spots for your phone and TWS earbuds, and a holder for your wristwatch (smart or otherwise).

The Hub provides dedicated spots for docking and charging your phone and earbuds. Channels built into The Hub’s underside let you route charging cables through it, having them emerge right underneath the two docking zones. You can use these zones to charge both iOS and Android devices as well as a whole variety of TWS earbuds. The only thing missing is a charging zone for a smartwatch, although for the chronometer-lovers who prefer mechanical timepieces over tech wearables, a cylindrical holder lets you securely place your wristwatch on The Hub. If you’re the kind to own more than one watch, Holme & Hadfield’s Watch Deck provides a more pristine holder for your collection, complete with a transparent acrylic outer case.

Felt-lined mat and segmented drawer povide perfect storage for your EDC, all in one classy place.

The Hub keeps all your gear organized in one compact footprint, like a mini wardrobe for your EDC. It comes in two styles – a traditional polished walnut and a black finish, and ships flat-packed, assembling in mere minutes. Grab one for the man in your life this Valentine’s, or gift yourself one for those self-love and EDC-love goals!

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