This eclectic candle transforms into a Japanese lantern the longer it burns

The product journey of the Chouchin Candle is one that serves as a constant reminder of why I love my job so much. Designed by James Kaoru Bury, the Chouchin Candle existed as just an exploratory concept… the kind you use to populate your portfolio to show potential employers that you have a creative mind and a diverse skill set. However, getting featured on the YD blog in 2018 led James to look at the concept with a fresh set of eyes. 4 years, one pandemic, and a significant chunk of his life savings later, James brought the Chouchin Candle to life, turning it from a pretty concept to a real product that lights up spaces and hearts.

The Chouchin is a pillar-shaped candle, styled to look like a traditional Japanese ‘chouchin’ lantern. The candle comes made from two different grades of waxes, one on the inside, which burns the way a normal candle would, and one on the outside, which serves as the candle’s exterior, mimicking the effects of a lantern by diffusing the light that passes through it. As the inner wax candle continues to burn, the flame glows right through the outer shell, getting diffused into a gentle, warm light in the process.

Designer: James Kaoru Bury

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The candle was developed in partnership with Pegasus Candle Co. Ltd located in Kurashiki Japan. The outer shell uses a patented non-melting wax, which lends a beautiful subtle translucency to the candle as the wick burns downwards. This allows the wax to collect within the candle as it melts, eliminating the need for having a plate or tray below, and moreover, the candle can even be held while it’s burning, without any danger of having hot wax dripping onto your fingers. On the inside sits a more traditional candle, with a burning time of 60 hours – offering a few months’ worth of light with daily usage. The inner candle can even be periodically replaced with refill units.

Each Chouchin Candle is carefully manufactured at Pegasus Candle Co.’s factory in Japan. The candle comes packaged in a gift-worthy black box, making it a great purchase either for oneself as a meditative little tabletop object, or as a thoughtful gift to a friend or family.  You can find the Chouchin Candle in our newly opened YD Select store – our one-stop destination for creative, well-designed stationery, gadgets, and objets d’art. Free shipping on orders above $200.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69