The perfect Valentine’s gift: This real rose blooms for more than a year as a symbol of eternal love

The Everlasting Rose is both a poetic symbol of love overcoming time, as well as a tabletop accessory that combines design and cutting-edge botanical science.

Designer: Rosephoria Design

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Bouquets are overrated. They’re pricey, cause allergies, and die within the week, leaving you with a wilted brown clump of once-vibrant flowers that now needs to be thrown in the trash. Clearly, there’s a better way to profess eternal love than this, right?! Then again, you could gift someone a potted plant that lasts longer, but there are pitfalls with that too. Potted plants are messy and attract bugs, plus not everyone has a green thumb or a sunlit balcony/window. The Everlasting Rose, on the other hand, has no such problems. It lasts longer than a bouquet (up to three years), and requires no constant care and tending like a potted plant. Featuring a real-life responsibly sourced rose that’s specially treated with a proprietary solution, the Everlasting Rose literally overcomes time by slowing down the passing of time. Under optimal conditions, each rose can last up to three years, making the Everlasting Rose truly worthy of a world record!

Real Roses – Rosephoria’s roses are specially treated with their proprietary solution to ensure a pristine appearance for at least one year.

Beauty and The Beast Variant

Created by the folks at Rosephoria, the Everlasting Rose comes in 5 different colors (red, pink, blue, black, and yellow) and sits on a wooden platform underneath a crystal glass dome. Keen observers will be reminded of its similarity to the enchanted rose in Beauty and the Beast, which either blooms or wilts to symbolize the beast’s wavering hope for true love. While the rose in the popular Disney movie was an allegory for the fragile nature of love and life, the Everlasting Rose is quite the opposite.

It sits on your tabletop or shelf, looking simply perfect for weeks, months, and even years. The roses are 100% natural and are ethically sourced from farmers who grow them without using pesticides or chemicals (after all, our earth and soil need to be everlasting too!) Each rose comes encased in its crystal glass dome and packed in a luxury package that’s perfect for Valentine’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, or even as a Mother’s Day gift. Grab yours now and get it just in time for Valentine’s!

Click Here to Buy Now: $148.74 $174.99 (15% off with Coupon Code ‘Yanko15’). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!