This tiny bonfire combines an aroma diffuser and pocket stove to bring the outdoor experience indoor

Essential oils are quite trendy these days, and a good number of them try to recreate man-made scents like processed flowers, soft linen, or even coffee. Diffusers come in a variety of designs and gimmicks, with some using flames while others generate gentle winds on their own. Sometimes, however, your nose or your mind might be craving a specific kind of scent, perhaps from a loved childhood memory of camping outdoors or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a mountain in Japan. Whatever the reason might be, getting your hands on an authentic mountain smell isn’t that easy. At least not without this cute mini bonfire that comes with cute mini firewood that not only lets you smell the woods but also even lets you cook like with a real campfire, all without leaving the safety and convenience of your home.

Designer: Shinchi Ringyo

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Aroma is always a touchy subject, and some people are more sensitive to certain scents than others. What might be calming for some might be irritating for others, while some might even have allergic reactions to certain oils. That said, some scents are also difficult to capture, especially using mass-produced chemicals and especially when the scent actually involves what is basically a mixture of smells coming from a variety of sources. The smell of a mountain forest, for example, can be a combination of the different trees that grow there, like how this aroma diffuser combines different trees to recreate the unique scent of Mount Hakusan in Japan.

Aroma de Camp is a rather creative take on the essential oil diffuser situation by designing the experience around a very specific theme, that of enjoying a bonfire or campfire. The “diffuser,” for example, is a miniature bonfire made of rust-resistant stainless steel. Its minimalist design and small size already make it a head-turner, especially when you add the miniature firewood that’s bundled together with a knot, just like real, normal firewood. With looks alone, it’s enough to charm any fan of the wide outdoors, but this miniature bonfire isn’t just for viewing.

Pour a bit of oil on top of the wood, and you have a natural aroma diffuser that’s sure to remind you of the mountains where all these items come from. The essential oil is made from three tree species that grow on Mt. Hakusan, and the hardwood is taken from branches that would normally just be thrown away. Together, the oil and natural wood allow the aroma of a lush forest to spread gently throughout the room, relying on Mother Nature rather than electronics to carry the scent naturally.

The camping experience, however, won’t be complete without a bit of outdoor cooking. Replace the metal fittings on both sides with the bundled metal trivets, and you’ve got a pocket stove that can really cook food when used with solid fuel. This lets you really relive those memorable outdoor experiences indoors or have an emergency stove when a conventional one is unavailable. Whether you’re trying to have a unique cooking experience indoors or simply want to imagine yourself in the middle of a mountain sanctuary, this woody diffuser will deliver a gentle forest aroma in a delightfully charming way.

Click Here to Buy Now: $84 $99 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!