This innovative home exercise equipment integrates a punching bag, smart speaker and interactive illumination technology

The COVID-19 pandemic definitely taught us one thing – that health is wealth, And, now that gyms have opened up, our workout routines have finally achieved a certain semblance of normalcy! However, if you’re still a bit of a lazy bum (like me), and actually landing up at the gym can feel like a task on most days, then BOOM may be the product for you. Designed by Shuxian Hong, Boom is a smart boxing bag meant to bring the workout experience to your home. It integrates a punching bag, a smart speaker, and interactive illumination technology into a streamlined boxing experience, designed specifically for your home.

Designer: Shuxian Hong

Boxing is an amazing source of cardio – that can be extremely helpful for people suffering from heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. However, training at home with a boxing bag isn’t something people prefer to do. Before designing Boom, Hong visited an underground boxing club, wherein she spoke to the students, and discovered, that even though many of them own a boxing bag at home, they rarely use it. It is often difficult to enjoy boxing without the thrilling and adrenaline-creating environment of a gym or a boxing studio. Through Boom, Hong wanted to reinvent the boxing experience, making it enjoyable even in the comfort of your own home.

When not being used to actually box, Boom can function as a home speaker, that perfectly merges with the rest of your living space. You can pair it up with your TV or other smart devices, and activate it via Siri or Alexa, through a simple command. When you use Boom to box, the interactive lighting system starts up! Lighting elements, lively music, and voice instructions create a truly interactive and engaging boxing experience. Amped with a Smart Coach app, the device creates custom fitness plans and workout routines for you. It even provides tutorial kits depending on the user – whether it’s a family, a solo trainer, or couple! It also visualizes the user’s progress to help track progress, and create routines based on individual progress.

Measuring 68 inches, it’s perfect for users of different heights to practice boxing aimed at the entire range of the body. The main punching bag is placed on a rounded speaker which functions as the base platform of the product. The bag has been filled with high-density foam, and wrapped up in synthetic leather, with an electronic pressure sensor placed underneath. A piece of durable photic fabric is wrapped around the entire bag as well, which also features an illuminated optical fiber with LED lights. To ensure that the product stands stably, and does not move at all, a base with weighted sand has been added to facilitate roll relocation. Ten suction cups provide further support to the bag.

The Boom is a modern-style boxing bag, that functions as great exercise equipment for your home. It encourages an interactive workout routine, which you can personally track and monitor. And, when not in use it doubles up as a handy piece of tech, which harmoniously blends with your home.