This underwater drone uses 6 propellers to freely move in any direction

Dubbed the SHARK, this waterborne drone is designed to dominate its environment by moving rapidly in any direction, much like its predator inspiration. The ROV (remotely operated vehicle) uses a novel arrangement of 6 propellers in a 3×3 formation that gives it better control underwater, allowing it to not just move forward or backward, but also move up and down with equal agility and even perform complex maneuvers like twisting and flipping in mid-water. “The six propellers enable free and stable motion, posture, and water depth maintenance,” says the designer.

Designer: JK Design

Made to explore the deep sea, the SHARK has a build that seems more robust and rugged than most. Its outer enclosure is simultaneously aerodynamic as well as robust, with the demeanor of a shark that’s swift yet imposing.

The front of the drone houses its camera array, sporting multiple smaller lenses and sensors for obstacle avoidance and environment scanning, and a larger primary lens for research and documentation. The drone is operated remotely by divers who can use it to explore areas that aren’t safe for humans to venture into. The remote control also sends back video transmission of what the SHARK sees, letting the pilot navigate it more efficiently.

A look at the drone’s underlying chassis, which features 6 propellers that can rotate 90° to face upwards or forwards.

The black body and the fins give the drone its shark-like demeanor