This muscular impersonation of Polestar O2 is one impressive roadster in the making

Polestar is making steady progress in reinforcing its stronghold in the electric vehicle market with EVs like Polestar 2 fairing better than the Tesla Model 3. The Polestar O2 concept with its own drone has further reignited the general direction in which EV roadsters are heading.

The convertible has left the automotive community wondering why this is not a production version that the Swedish-Chinese automaker is considering bringing to the roads well before 2026. Now another electric car concept has left me wondering what if Polestar actually pushes this one on the production lines? Would other EV makers have to up their game to beat a roadster like this one?

Designer: Devam Jangra

This is Polestar Concept roadster penned to fuel Polestar’s future-forward vision backed by balanced design aesthetics. The approach to make cars exciting to look at and drive as well, is very important in a landscape dominated by similar-looking electric four-wheelers. Devam’s creation has a very apparent inspiration from the O2 but with a more contoured shape, and of course, a more sports car-like personality.

The two-seater performance EV has a broad stance like the Ferrari Enzo or the Renault RS 01 to make the presence felt in a street race. Those mean headlights stare you in the face as the cockpit narrows down to amplify the performance-oriented posture. The rear has a sharp flowing aesthetic complemented by unibody taillights like an inverted spoiler on a Formula-1 car. The muscular middle section of the roadster gives off a very toned look which adds overall impressive character to this Polestar.