NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 graphics enable powerful tools for creators

A lot of our experiences today rely on computer graphics. Some might think that only games and gamers actually benefit from advancements in this field, but the proliferation of 2D and 3D digital art, the push for the metaverse, and even the booming industry of live streaming all depend on not only powerful but also accessible graphics. At the heart of all these is, of course, the graphics processing unit or GPU, the dedicated piece of hardware that can make or break the graphics experience. Graphics cards, especially those inside thin laptops, are no longer just a luxury for gamers, and NVIDIA’s latest GeForce RTX 40 Series is demonstrating how these same technologies presumed to be just for gamers are also essential in supporting the sophisticated needs and workflows of today’s creators.

Designer: NVIDIA

Announced a few months ago, NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 40 family is built on the company’s new Ada Lovelace architecture that, as you might expect, pushes the envelope in terms of graphics performance while balancing thermal and power efficiency. The graphics giant’s CES 2023 address was naturally filled with the technical terms and buzzwords that both gamers and game developers drool over, including the next-gen AI-powered ray tracing technology DLSS3. These very same features, however, support more than just the consumption of content but, more importantly, empower creators with new tools to bring their ideas and imagination to life.

The GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards naturally make apps run more smoothly and fluidly, particularly those that depend heavily on graphics performance, such as Blender and Photoshop. NVIDIA’s graphics cards also include a tiny supercomputer inside for machine learning and AI, and this power also boosts the performance of AI-based tools, like image generation, real-time avatar control, and other neat features like “Eye Focus” which “remaps” your eye so that it seems like you’re always looking straight at the camera.

NVIDIA also presents its Omniverse platform and a suite of new tools in its NVIDIA Studio that allow creators to collaborate on a single project from different parts of the world using different tools. Whether it’s creating 3D animation or 2D art, NVIDIA’s latest generation of graphics cards provides the power and intelligence to make it happen.

Of course, all that power would remain unused unless it landed in the hands of the creators it was made for. Taking aim at the growing trend of 14-inch laptops, NVIDIA is bringing the GeForce RTX 40 family to a wide variety of laptops from different brands, some starting as low as $999. By bringing this technology in a more portable and accessible form, NVIDIA is empowering creators, designers, gamers, and live streamers to dream big and go big, bringing their ideas to life and making this world a more vibrant and lively place.