Hollow High Heels are Hot!


My belief is that with 3D printing, design should be able to achieve newer heights. 3D printing enables you to make designs that you cannot make through conventional manufacturing methods. The Atossa shoe makes quite the example. The organic heel design looks something out of a Ross Lovegrove catalog. With its strangely alluring aesthetic, any person with a working knowledge of plastics will tell you that this shoe isn’t physically possible to make in a single piece. However with 3D printing, you can overcome all those barriers.

The shoe design isn’t random. It takes inspiration from our own body’s bone micro-structure. Making it sturdy, no matter how frail it looks. The shoe is designed in a way that supports all the pressure points of the foot in a way that is good for you. Each shoe is bespoke. The Atossa app allows you to send the designers pictures of your foot and have them construct shoes best suited for your wear. You can also customize the way the strap goes around your ankle, virtually giving one design multiple avatars. And just when you thought the shoe design couldn’t be more well-planned, the 3D printing uses a material called PLA to build the shoe. An organic plastic that can bio-degrade. Having said that, these heels definitely reach newer heights; and makes sure you do too!

Designer: Behrad Ghodsi