Unique embroidery mixed-media art get contribution from actual bees

You’ve probably seen those cute videos of humans and their furry pets collaborating on paintings and other artwork. Even though I’m not much of an animal lover, I do find myself saying “aaaww” whenever I come across one of those videos or stories. Usually we see dogs, cats, maybe even a bird or two that is able to contribute to their owners’ artwork. It can be something they’re trained to do or something that is instinctive as well, if you believe that animals can have creative genes as well.

Designer: Ava Roth

But have you ever seen a human and bees collaborate? This is what Canada-based artist Ava Roth has been doing as she creates embroidery using natural materials and then she allows the bees to add their own natural flair with their honeycombs. The final result is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will definitely look unique in your living room wall. You can have bragging rights that real-life bees actually contributed to this mixed-media collage and that not one piece is the same.

The artist first has to hand-stitch different geometric patterns onto Japanese rice paper and then adds some found materials like leaves, rocks, porcupine quills, etc. She then installs them into maple frames that actually resemble bee hives in order to attract the bees to it. Once she’s finished with her part, it’s the bees’ turn to do their magic as they add their unique golden honeycombs. There are pieces of art where the embroidery are in rows and the space for the honeycombs are in the other rows.

If you’re interested in art that mixes creativity with nature, this mixed-media art will look pretty cool in your space. You can purchase some pieces through her website. If you suffer from trypophobia or honeycombs make you feel uncomfortable, then best stay away from this. If you’re allergic to bees, maybe you also shouldn’t have these hanging on your walls just to be safe.