Top 10 office accessories gift guide that are the essential upgrade your work environment needs

I remember when the lockdown was first announced and everyone began scrambling to figure out how they’d work from home. WFH as a product category absolutely spiked in the past two years, and even though people are returning to office, they’re carrying a part of their individual personality back to work… because that’s how they were productive at home. The boring standard white cubicle is dead, and we’re now in the era of individualized workspaces. This means having productivity tools that give YOU the right sense of focus and bring out the best in you. In our series of specialized gift guides this year, this gift guide focuses on your workspace, with tools that boost your productivity, help you stay organized, help you create content, and even a few nifty and fun toys to add a little frolic to your workspace! Consider this the best personal gifting and Secret Santa idea guide ever!

1. Moft Z Sit-stand Laptop Desk

Designed to be the world’s thinnest laptop stand, the MOFT Z is a 4-in-1 invisible sit-stand desk that can be propped up at 25°, 45°, and 60°, or elevated to a height of 10 inches. Winner of the Red Dot Award 2020, the MOFT Z is a lightweight and versatile solution, that allows everyday laptop users to maintain a flexible and comfortable posture throughout their workday. Just a little larger than a sheet of A4 paper, and almost half an inch thick, the compact laptop stand can accommodate 22 pounds of weight, which is pretty impressive, considering the 16-inch MacBook Pro weighs 4.7 pounds. Its origami-inspired Z-shaped structure ensures that it is super easy to open and close, and allows you to seamlessly transition between a sitting and standing desk while offering ergonomic angle adjustments. Affordably priced, the MOFT Z is the only portable desk that you can grab like a magazine, and create a flexible work setup with, wherever and whenever you feel like!

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2. Timekettle M3

The great thing about the pandemic ending is that we can now ditch those annoying zoom calls and meet and greet our clients again. The bad thing is that we didn’t use those two years to brush up on our French, German, or any other foreign languages. However, the folks at Timekettle have you covered. Meet the Timekettle M3, a pair of TWS earbuds that will actively translate up to 40 languages for you and as many as 93 accents! The M3 takes your average pair of TWS earbuds to the next level. It comes with ANC and dual-mic noise reduction for your voice, but the M3’s most impressive feature is its ability to translate languages in real-time. It relies on the world’s leading translation engines (DeepL, Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, AmiVoice, Hoya) and even on Timekettle’s own engine to quickly translate audio with 95% accuracy. The M3, which comes with a split-case design, can be used in 3 modes (Touch, Listen, and Speaker) to cover a wide range of uses, from having one-on-one conversations or just listening to lectures, podcasts, news coverage. The M3 are IPx4 water resistant and last for 7.5 hours on a full charge, with another 25 hours of battery when used with the charging case. There’s an app that helps with translations too, while also letting you control the M3’s EQ settings.

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3. Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K Projector

The Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K is the most compact 4K laser theatre you’ve ever seen! The Nebula Cosmos will unleash a whole new level of brightness on your home entertainment – that is the power of 2400 Lumens. It has been equipped with the Laser Forge Image Engine which is powered by lasers, and features ALPD 3.0 software, which is quite interestingly used in professional theatres! It boasts a true color accuracy of 100% Rec. 709. The laser features a compact form and an ergonomically curved top handle that allows you to carry it wherever you go, and transform any space into a movie theatre. It also showcases a Seamless Autofocus, which produces instant image clarity, so you can spend more time engaging and enjoying your favorite content! You can link up the Nebula Cosmos with your portable power station. It is most compatible with the Anker 545 Portable Power Station (PowerHouse 778Wh).

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4. SuperCalla Cable

The SuperCalla is a one-of-a-kind magnetic charging/ data cable! It looks similar to most cables, except for the fact, that at certain intervals, it has magnets around it. These magnets will organize your cables, and ensure they stay that way, with the help of magnetic attraction. The different cables can be coiled in a circular pattern, put together in a zigzag, or wound up the way you would typically organize cables. Just make sure the magnets align and the SuperCalla has the innate ability to stay organized whether in your pocket, backpack, drawer or even on your suitcase. The magnets allow you to easily open the cable out, using as much as necessary, therefore keeping your drawer, bag, and general workplace as neat as possible. SuperCalla comes in two sizes – 3 feet and 6 feet. It is available in two color options – black and white, and also looks really fun to fidget with!

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5. ASMR Zenball

In our offices, where we are surrounded by artificial materials, how do you connect to nature? While the most common answer is plants, having a plant can be a messy business. We bring to you the Zen Ball – made from genuine volcanic stone that has been shaped into a sphere, this desk device is an ASMR tool and a fidget toy, all in one. In a day filled with notifications that come at you from every side, pick up the Zen Ball to center yourself, give yourself a moment to breathe and refocus your energies, so you are acting rather than reacting. As an added value, you can drop some essential oil onto your ball and spin it for an added aromatic experience. Hold it, spin it, smell it or use it to calm yourself in stressful situations, this modern office must-have can be your reminder to stay in the moment.

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6. Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner

The Revopoint MINI transforms objects into 3D models with a 0.02mm precision! The Revopoint MINI transforms 3D printing into an easy, accessible, and economical process, allowing you to bring your 3D model dreams to life. It works fast and accurately, with up to 0.02mm precision and a point distance of 0.05mm, which simply means it will be able to scan even the smallest and deepest parts of an object. It is primarily designed to be used in your hand, giving you the freedom to control the direction and speed of the scan, especially with a stabilizer that keeps the scan steady even if your hand isn’t. You can also just set it on a table with the built-in tripod. It has been amped with binocular blue light technology to project ultra-high resolution structured light, as well as a high-resolution dual-camera system, and an intelligent algorithm to ensure the scanned model is extremely detailed and precise.

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7. Better Back

Its unconventional design aside, what BetterBack does goes far above and beyond what any ergonomic cushion or chair can do. By hooking to your knees, the BetterBack perpetually keeps your lower back in the right position, preventing you from hunching. It’s a simple device that can be worn pretty much whenever or wherever you find yourself sitting for long hours – whether you’re in front of a laptop, the TV, sitting in a flight for 3-4 hours, or even at a game. The harness looks sort of like a slingshot, attaching to your knees and pulling your torso forward so your spine is in the right position. It instantly causes your back muscles to relax, your spine to realign, and your internal organs to feel more free given that they aren’t getting cramped by you hunching over! The BetterBack comes in various sizes that can adjust to fit pretty much any adult.

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8. Sisyphus Mini

A beautiful combination of art and algorithm, the Sisyphus Mini gives you the joy of owning your personal kinetic sculpture! Named after Sisyphus, a character from Greek Mythology condemned to roll a boulder up a mountain only to have it roll back down, the Sisyphus table turns that story into an artistic experience. The table comes with a sand chamber, and a steel ball that rolls around, creating valleys in the sand. A magnetic system under the sand chamber helps guide the steel ball, moving it in a series of hypnotic patterns that get increasingly complex with time as the ball moves across the sand, creating its elaborate design. The MINI comes with variations of a hardwood construction and a glass top, allowing you to place objects on it, although it’s best left undecorated, so you can admire the gorgeous designs that get created on it. There’s a ring of LEDs built into the Sisyphus’ rim too, which keeps the pattern illuminated even in the dark. Place Sisyphus MINI in your office where you can focus and work or add it as a table top decoration to your cabin – wherever you keep it, these mesmerising

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9. Eilik Companion Bot

Eilik has the personality of a Tamagotchi in the body of EVE from WALL•E. The tiny little robot stands on your tabletop, letting you interact with it through voice commands and touch, while it responds, reacts, and engages back with you to make your day a little more fun! Unlike most robots that have an air of emotionless superiority, Eilik actually does the opposite. It’s a robot with a personality and a heart. With its dynamic display for a face, Eilik actually responds and reacts to how you treat it. Ignore it long enough and it’ll sulk, pat it on the head or tickle it and it’ll smile. Lift Eilik off the ground and it gets scared of heights, give it food (a magnetic little food-shaped object) and it feels satiated and calm! The best part, however, is when two or more Eiliks come together! Place two Eiliks near each other and they play, tussle, and have adorable interactions with one another. Introduce more Eiliks and you can even get them to sing Christmas songs as they dance and wave their arms about! Talk about an emotionally advanced robot!

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10. DUEX Max Monitor

The DUET MAX is the must-have dual-screen laptop accessory that every heavy laptop user needs to boost their daily productivity! The large laptop monitor features a 14.1-inch 1080p display, high brightness of 300 nits, and small bezels, creating the ultimate immersive second-screen experience. It even boasts an ‘Eyecare Mode’, which minimizes blue light, and its impact on your eyes. What really makes the DUET MAX truly revolutionary, is the fact that it is not simply an ordinary extra screen for your laptop…it’s the kind of extra screen that’s always attached to it! You can swivel it out whenever you want. It can be mounted onto any laptop and oriented on either the left or right side, depending upon your comfort. Its auto-rotate feature enables you to intuitively adjust its orientation based on the placement of the screen. In a world where multi-tasking is the norm, and WFH culture means we need to work 10x more efficiently, the DUEX MAX is a boon because a single screen is simply not enough anymore!

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