This space-inspired pen magically hovers in mid-air, looking like something from an alternate reality

If you showed me the Levitating Pen 3.0’s silhouette, there’s no way I’d guess that this remarkable physics-defying object was a writing tool.

Meet the Levitating Pen 3.0, a writing instrument that defies gravity! Now in its third edition, the Levitating Pen pushes its floating powers to higher limits, hovering an inch off the surface of your table while leaning at a mind-boggling 60° angle in a way that will make you question reality.

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Designed to be a pen worthy of writing life-changing thoughts and visions, and jotting plans for million-dollar ideas, the Levitating Pen 3.0 is an allusion to humankind’s limitless potential. We’ve come a long way since quills and papyrus scrolls, and the Levitating Pen hopes to capture and represent the future by being more captivating than your average Bic pen or even the most luxurious Mont Blanc. After all, not many pens hold the distinction of being able to levitate, right?!

Balancing on a pinpoint at a 60 degree angle, an occasional glance will wash you with a wave of Zen-like calm from its minimalistic, futurism-inspired design.

With its frictionless contact, a simple twist can keep it spinning for up to 30 seconds.

Fountain pens are created by the Germany company Schmidt, known for centuries of exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, they are also the supplier for the fountain pen tips for the Montblanc.

Can’t decide between the fountain pen or the rollerball? Why not both? Hoverpen 3 features a modular body casing, allowing you to freely switch nibs and cartridges.

Its raised platform is precisely angled to make drawing your pen a smooth, pleasurable experience.

Comes with Schmidt rollerball cartridges, the German-engineered luxury standard in rollerball pens. Versatile yet flexible, it promises an addictive, silky writing experience.

Inspired by the sci-fi concept of technological singularity, and stories like Dune, Foundation, and the works of Isaac Asimov.

A study by Harvard Business Review found that frequently interrupting your brainstorming with consistent micro-breaks resulted in more idea generation.

Lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum body makes writing lightning quick.

Built for the most fervent of writers – a low-pressure, silky finish makes jotting ideas or taking notes feel as natural as breathing.

The Levitating Pen 3.0 comes with an all-metal design, made from aerospace-grade aluminum and titanium, and sits in its magnetically levitating base made from Zinc alloy, which has it tilting at a 60° angle. Un-dock the pen from its base when you need to write, and dock it back when you’re done and the pen magically locates its sweet spot, bobbing ever so gently before finally settling into position.  This fun activity also gives the Levitating Pen 3.0 a uniquely appealing fidget-ability, allowing you to even spin the pen against its magnetic stand, getting it to revolve for as long as 30 seconds!

Available in silver or anodized black, the Levitating Pen 3.0 comes with a satin finish that feels luxurious to hold, and a German-engineered Schmidt rollerball cartridge, that offers a silky satin-like writing experience to match!

Click Here to Buy Now: $129