Two Beautiful Products From 11+

I often go into one of those modes when I do nothing but look for the hottest products around the world. Literally weeks on end of just surfing the net, contacting studios and manufacturers. I came across a new Korean studio called 11+ who are about to launch two products – a case for the MacBook Air or any tablet sized device and a case for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Hit the jump.

The Felt Case reminds me of Hard Graft but this feels lighter – effortless whereas the Hard Graft cases/bags feel quite engineered. Neither is better, just different strokes for different folks. It’s made mostly of felt designed to hold an iPad, MacBook Air, Galaxy Tab or any device within those dimensions. I’m particularly fond of how the offset sleeve provides a perfect surface for an external mouse. Just clever.

The Color Case for the Samsung S III threw me for a loop because it never occurred to me anyone would want to spend time/money of producing a case for the “other” phone. Yes, I’m guilty of letting my own bias for the iPhone sometimes ignore all the peripherals created for Samsung smartphones. The Color Case is beautiful and as its name suggests – there are seven to choose from. Made of polycarbonate and treated with a scratch resistant finish, each case features an interesting set of alphanumerics inside which I’ve yet to decipher.

Both will be hitting retail soon and I have exciting news about that when they do launch. Keep your eyes peeled this October.

Designer: Cloud and co for 11+ (Yeongkyu Yoo, Youngduk Song, Sunman Kwon, Sungmin Kim) Facebook