Minimalist plant shelf lets you “carry” your plants easily around the house

One of the lifestyles that sprouted during the pandemic that still carries over during these almost post-pandemic times is the emergence of the plant parents. I still wasn’t able to bring out my green thumb even though I tried taking care of one or two, they would eventually die. I’m still open to trying again so I’m on the lookout for things that may help me finally be able to keep a plant alive for more than two weeks.

Designer: Only Studio, Jason Luo, Sam Cheng

Ta’care is a minimal plant shelf that is easy to carry around so you can move your plants where you need them to be whether you have a small space or a bigger one. It has a simple design with a clean structure and monochromatic color. It is more functional than decorative and will allow your plants to be the main focus, as they should be.

It is made from simple metal tubes and sheets and the top part forms a handle that allows you to carry the shelf with the plants so you can bring them to the balcony or near the window so they can get natural sunlight or bring to the living room to protect them from the weather.

In case there is a lack of natural light, Ta’care also has 6 full LED lights to give your plants the light it needs to survive. This is also easily customizable so it can adapt to the number of shelves or levels as well as the design that you actually need to keep your plant babies not just alive but also looking good.

It’s probably not a guarantee that if I use this plant shelf, my plants will stay alive. But it probably gives them a better chance at least of being carried around to a space where they can get better light and air. And it looks pretty so there’s that bonus as well.