Rocketbook Pro is a modular notebook you can wipe clean to use over and over again

Pen and paper never really went out of fashion, even in this day of computers and smartphones. They did, however, experience a resurgence in popularity, thanks to some relatively new paper-centric productivity systems like The Bullet Journal. While there are plenty of advantages to this “analog” experience, there are also some drawbacks in our modern digital age. Fortunately, technology and intelligent design have made it possible to bridge the two worlds in a way that’s simple, unique, and, more importantly, sustainable. That’s the kind of modern experience that the reusable Rocketbook Pro notebook is offering, now with a few more features designed to make a notetaker’s life more convenient and more stylish.

Designer: Rocketbook

Rocketbook isn’t entirely new to this “reusable notebook” market and is, in fact, one of the pioneers. It started with a notebook that you had to microwave in order to use but quickly evolved to using an advanced type of paper that behaved almost like a dry-erase board. Using Pilot’s line of FriXion pens, you could simply wipe any markings off a page with a damp cloth and start anew, preferably after you’ve snapped a photo of that page. It’s a technology that helps save paper and trees while also offering the convenience of searchable notes stored on the cloud.

As its name suggests, the new Rocketbook Pro takes that experience to the next level, building upon the wins of the first Pro model from two years back. Unlike the standard Rocketbook, the Rocketbook Pro has Page Packs designed with different templates, ranging from to-do lists to meeting notes to plain pages. These packs attach to the Rocketbook Pro via magnets, making it trivial to add, remove, and rearrange them as desired. As before, the Rocketbook mobile app allows you to take photos of those pages that can then be uploaded to cloud storage and analyzed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so that they can be easily searched, even if they contain handwritten notes. Rocketbook Pro makes that process even more convenient with an NFC tag that immediately launches the app the moment you tap your phone on it.

This new version of the Pro notebook also refines the appearance and design of the reusable notebook, making it look more professional and improving its usability. Its hardcover vegan leather cover is more scratch-resistant, and it ditches the awkward pen holder so that it can now lie or fold back completely flat. You can, instead, clip the pen on the spine, which has a small curve at the top to indicate that purpose.

Like many reusable notebooks, the Rocketbook Pro tries to offer the best of both analog and digital worlds, combining the familiarity and benefits of handwriting with the convenience of digital storage, search, and retrieval. It also saves a significant amount of paper, though it’s not exactly clear how sustainable the patented materials and processors really are. For professionals, creatives, and avid notetakers that love the act of writing by hand, the Rocketbook Pro offers the flexibility and freedom of a modern analog experience, now with a lot more convenience and a handsome appearance to boot.