These animated alphabet shaped desks are here to liven up your workplace!

Open offices have transitioned into the epitome of procrastination, ineffectiveness or simply ‘boredom’. In fact, research even goes so far as to say they could hinder creative thinking. In a time and age where workspaces need to be fun, inspiring and harbingers of productivity, French creative Benoit Challand has come to our rescue! Inspired by Typography, his concept ‘Fold Yard’ introduces an innovative open office environment, wherein each desk is shaped like a different letter of the alphabet. All the individual workstations come together to form the 26 letters of the alphabet, kicking aside the traditional cubicle, to add a bit of ‘typo’ fun to our workspaces! Despite that, each desk impressively possesses substantial desk space, shelves, storing spaces, partitions and all of the usual office desk requirements. However, when viewed from the ground the shapes remain abstract, but when viewed from above they can spell out series of words depending on how you and your co-workers decide to position the desks for the day. A fresh new word for every fresh new day! (Depending on everyone’s mood)

Taking a break from his daily work schedule (which involves projects with Nike, Ogilvy, and Cartier) Challand forayed into creating an animated and modular collection of office furniture in an attempt to break the usual office monotony, liven up the dreary atmosphere, and combine work with play!

Designer: Benoit Challand