Multi-layer modular supportive pillow also comes with a pocket to tuck your hands into while sleeping

It isn’t that the Stack Pillow is built to be more comfortable than other pillows… it’s that the Stack Pillow also acknowledges one of the most primitive sleeping patterns where you put your hand underneath your head as you sleep on your side. Designed with a dual-layer system, the Stack Pillow by Shengxi has an upper vegan down layer made that gives you ultimate comfort and boosts air circulation, and a lower memory foam layer that provides support and enables spinal alignment. Right between both those layers is an empty space that lets you tuck your hands in as you sleep. All in all, the Stack Pillow isn’t just about promoting comfort and support (because you spend one-third of your life asleep), it’s about encouraging behaviors that help you sleep more comfortably and naturally too!

Designer: SHENGXI Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $197 ($98 off). Hurry, only 20/380 left!

The Stack Pillow’s unique construction plays a large role in its capabilities. Unlike regular pillows that are either soft and supportless or tough and uncomfortable, Stack Pillow has the best of both worlds. It comes broadly with an upper stack made from vegan down, responsible for providing the comfort you often find in luxuriously soft hotel pillows, along with supreme breathability.

The lower stack, made from bio memory foam, provides just the right amount of lift, ensuring that your head and spine are positioned in the right way to give you a comfortable night’s rest without neck fatigue the next day. The two stacks have a breathable micro-mesh between them, made using Nephrite that increases the thermal conductivity of the mesh by 19x, making it better at thermoregulating your pillow to keep your hands and neck cool at night. The entire pillow also comes with a Tencel eucalyptus silk cover that boosts coolness and comfort, while being naturally antimicrobial.

The Stack Pillow gets its name from its stackable design. Aside from the two broad layers that make up the pillow’s architecture, the Stack Pillow comes with additional stacks for your head or neck, giving you the kind of support you need based on your body type. These mini stacks slide into the pillow through the gap in the center, allowing you to modulate your pillow’s profile so it perfectly fits your unique needs.

All in all, the Stack Pillow tries (and succeeds) to provide a pillow that’s truly built with no compromises. The Stack Pillow starts at $99, which includes the pillow, the Tencel eucalyptus silk pillowcase, and 3 mini pillows to adjust your Stack Pillow’s profile. For $169, you can upgrade to the Stack Down Pillow Pack that swaps the vegan down upper pillow for authentic European white goose down, comes with 6 extra mini pillows, and even a Tencel eucalyptus silk eye mask to give you the most luxuriously comfortable snooze ever. After all, you spend one-third of your life asleep… you might as well do it well, right?

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $197 ($98 off). Hurry, only 20/380 left!