Designed as a getaway from the hustle of the city, this minimal “Bungaloo” design by Paul Cremoux has a stripped-down feel that leaves little to be desired. A blend of low-carbon concrete, interesting textures, and beau-coups of natural sunlight compliment its raw aesthetic. Using eco-friendly materials and appliances run on methane discharges, the bungalow’s CO2 footprint is calculated to be a mere 1 ton during production and 400 kilograms per year.

To further reduce its carbon footprint, temperature control is achieved by a geothermal pipe that runs through the ground connecting directly into the concrete shell.

Designer: Paul Cremoux


  • Kevin Diaz says:

    I would love to build/live in something like this one of these days when I finally decide I don’t mind being tied to one location.

  • georges says:

    it looks grate!, very scultural like ant at the same time modernistic, i want one!

  • JettaMeta says:

    Is that prefab?, I would like those window doors to open, do they? I like it.

  • Grey says:

    Nice simple design, love the look and feel, but your storage is huge, your bathroom could be bigger, and where does the stairs lead to? Just some layout space issues with me, maybe consult an architect.

  • Jay Manu says:

    Grey, The storage is for gardening big equipment and many other stuff, and the stairs leads to the high mid level, I just enter to the web site to get more info about this design. I guess every design has its unique client programe.

  • bluefin says:

    I like color and texture contrast, good design mate!

  • good architecture but wrong land 😀

  • avize says:

    it has minimalist creativity … good..

  • MILIND says:


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