Flap-o Lights

The incredibly beautiful Icarus OLED Lights look ready to illuminate any dark spots in your life. Captivating and innovative, the lights seem to have a mind of their own. Seven wings on each side of the spine open and illuminate in a rhythmic dance and can be configured as per whim. It’s sure to make any factory floor come alive with design!

Designers: Sewon Oh, Yonggu Do & Minseon Kim


  • Thijs says:

    Beautiful design. The folding doesn’t really have a function, but it gives the design something dynamic.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Very nice. Even better, if closing it completely turned it off.

  • Quintin says:

    Looks cool, but why a factory floor? More like an office with design furniture and things like that…

  • Jason Wang says:

    Love it. The folding is an elegant way to adjust lighting.

  • Rhein Cejo says:

    May we inquire if you have modern, ultra-thin OLED light that is perfect for home or office.

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