This cloud connected JBL speaker concept with curved display elevates audio bliss to the next level

Talk of portable speakers and JBL has got every kind of user covered. Be it an adventurer who wants to cling an audio device to their hiking backpack, someone throwing a pool party, or one looking for casual audio listening at home. The JBL Clip 4, Partybox 310, or JBL Extreme 3 are the perfect options for these situations.

Having an Amazon Eco Dot or Google Nest Audio brings more options for a connected lifestyle – way more than your Bluetooth speaker. So, getting the audio quality of a JBL speaker, combined with the connected capability is the way to go.

Designer: Monoranjan Ghosh

This concept JBL speaker for modern audio listeners is just the right kind of accessory with those welcome geeky functions. The designer calls it TRIGO, an internet-enabled speaker with a curved digital display for enhanced user experience and ease of playing music. The user can beam voice commands at it to control music, listen to podcasts on the fly or communicate with other devices for a seamless lifestyle that’s becoming the norm of the current times.

The design language of TRIGO takes a detour from the flat or roundish aesthetics that we’ve seen on their current and previous models. This time around, a reimagined portable JBL speaker gets a triangulated shape with a futuristic vibe to lure young audiophiles. The sub-bass audio drivers are placed on the inside of the triangle-beaming on both sides, and the mids and highs are forced through the speakers to one side. On the outside to one side is the display interface for the current track, play/pause, shuffle, artist Albumart and seek bar. Complementing the visual player interface is the cool bias lighting on each side for that techno feel.

This concept JBL speaker hits all the right notes in terms of design and carrying aesthetics. Thus, making it well suited for weekend parties, shower karaoke, or listening while working at home. The silver lining here for me is the interactive display that adds zing to the whole experience of listening. I’m sure JBL will be looking at this concept with keen interest because this design beacons the future.