Sleek dream bed has a built-in 43-inch TV for your gaming and viewing pleasure

There are days when you have to pry me away from my couch, or rather, the front of my smart TV. There are also days when I don’t want to get out of bed whether I’m reading or still watching videos on my phone or tablet. Now what will happen if my TV is actually built into my bed? When I don’t have work and I can afford to spend the day there, you probably won’t see me going outside the house, let alone my room. Product designers probably now there are a lot of people like me and so they created this dream bed for that specific market.

Designer: Dreams

Dreams do come true for couch potatoes, or in this case, bed potatoes like me. The Drift Gaming Bed is created specifically for those who would rather spend the entire day playing games in bed instead of going out to smell the roses or something. It’s also perfect for those like me who can binge TV shows and movies like there’s no tomorrow. That’s because the bed has a built-in 43-inch screen TV with 4K display at the foot of your bed that you can put away when you feel like sleeping.

The bed also has other “features” that are still part of the dream scenario for gamers and video bingers. The headboard is the space to put all your remote controls, consoles, headsets. There are even some USB ports on the sides if you need to connect or charge your smartphone and other devices. Under the bed, you get an ottoman storage in case you need to put away some of the stuff that you don’t want on the bed with you like clothes, books, and other devices. There are also LED lights on the headboard and the edges of the bed for gamers who like that kind of that thing. It’s available in three finishes: faux black leather with green piping, faux black leather with blue piping, contemporary gray fabric with black piping.

What would be even more perfect was if there was a built-in ref or food storage on the side so you don’t need to get up for snack breaks. We might get a second version of this gaming bed, in case the product designers are listening. Of course this isn’t the healthiest piece of furniture to have if you’re trying to wean yourself away from screens. The temptation to just stay in and spend 24 hours playing games or watching videos is just too much. But if you can discipline yourself to put away the screen when you need to, this would be the perfect bed for you.