Sony-inspired ANC earbuds have Cyberpunkish vibe owing to play of color and tech

Speaking of wireless earbuds, we are literally spoilt for choices with so many options to choose from out there in the market. While Sony rules the roost in premium Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) wireless earbuds with the WF-1000XM4; there is scope for exploiting the buds’ design and improving the experience.

That’s where this cheesy concept steps in. The brainchild of product designer Marc Senar, this conceptual audio accessory is targeted at the tech-savvy crowd wanting to show off their TWS earbuds in style.

Designer: Marc Senar

The USP is a cool display on the charging case and on the stem of one of the earbuds, while the other bud stem features a volume control knob. The displays provide the listener an idea of the charge levels during the juicing up session in the case or when they are being used. Alongside this, the charging case also displays the track being played, the play seek bar, start/stop button, and track toggle buttons.

Earbuds from most audio-enthusiastic manufacturers generally feature a simple design language and a rudimentary color scheme. Senar, a designer with roots at Decathlon, sees the accessory as a canvas to play with colors and celestial accents. However, to me, the overall color theme of this Sony Earbuds Concept carries a Cyberpunkish vibe: neon blue for the information displays, orange for the tips, and matte black for the body to instill the fact.

The charging case carrying that black hue and neon blue typeface ticking across the screen on it would appear absolutely dope especially when the lights go out and you’re deep in a trance. However, that’s the most I can divulge for the moment. Presumably, the designer intends to fit the buds with the same dynamic drivers, superior ANC technology, and ergonomic comfy fit synonymous with the Sony brand, and if it does; Senar can have my money!