Memphis-inspired streaming box comes with a unique intersecting design to prevent remote loss

While the idea of losing a remote will pretty much still terrify anyone for the rest of their lives, the Pop Art TV Box has a uniquely creative solution – use someone’s OCD to combat their forgetfulness! With a unique design that has the TV’s remote intersecting with the TV’s hardware unit itself, the Pop Art relies on visual gestalt to complete itself. You’re much less likely to lose the remote, because you’re going to be compelled to dock it in its place once you’re done… sort of like how you dock a telephone receiver into its holder.

Designer: Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology

The Pop Art’s design borrows from the Memphis 2.0 and Bauhaus design styles, relying on simple geometric shapes and bold colors to create powerful compositions. The hardware duo features a square-shaped streaming box, with a cutout designed to dock the circular disc-shaped remote, allowing it to wirelessly charge when docked. “This recess serves as a visual cue for users to return the remote control to the charging dock when not in use. When the remote control is put back in place, the set-top box automatically shuts down to save power”, say the designers.

The Pop Art is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2022.