Fiat Xpress – Communicate with the Car Behind You by Bernardo Balleste

Xpress is a way to communicate with the person in the car behind you when you are in the new Fiat 500. It is a new language for communication on the road that is fun and silent (no honking), that allows you to thank someone when they yield to you, respond with character when the truck behind you honks at you, leave a love message after making a careless move, say goodbye to the people behind you, etc. Or you can simply leave it activated to communicate the music that you’re listening to, through an animated icon that dances with style. It consists of a plate with LEDs that attaches (generating empty space) to the inside of the car. It is controlled using a remote that is close to the radio controls, with which you can send a spontaneous message or load personalized animations.

Designer: Bernardo Balleste


  • michelle says:

    I just wanted to point out that this design was created by two people, Bernardo Balleste and Noe Marcial Gonzalez, as you can see on the designboom website when you view their entry.

  • HS says:

    This was my Electronic Product development Project while i was doing my diploma. I got 78% for this subject—is an A. anyway glad to see my idea being used. my original idea was to FXXX word to car behind if they horn u or so….

  • bruno says:

    me and my friends thing the fiat uno has a lot of potential that is why we have worked in designing a whole new fiat uno with the same more and less look here and threre. who do we contact ?

  • Trick D says:

    i can see this being misused…a lot.

  • cra says:

    oh my. oh yes. i could absolutely see myself misusing this. a whole lot. i want it. is it going to be produced?

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