Sensory pods helps neuro-divergent people deal with challenging situations

For those who have neuro-divergent conditions like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, etc, the school and work environment can sometimes be a challenge especially if there are situations that can trigger negative reactions. Those who are in therapy probably have some coping techniques but it also helps if the environment itself can be a refuge for moments when they need to calm down or destress. Acoustic pod manufacturer Nook has designed pods that are specifically to address the needs of these neurodiverse individuals and make the space more inclusive.

Designer: Nook

Nook Pods are now given some enhancements to turn them into Sensory Nooks, an encapsulated space that will help neuro-diverse individuals deal with mood changes, challenging behavior, and sudden anxiety attacks that may trigger socially exclusive situations. These additions to the pods will help bring a “psychologically safe space” where they can temporarily escape from in order to calm down or get through a challenging situation they may be experiencing in the workplace, school, or even in public spaces.

Some of the additions in these Sensory Nooks include colour spectrum lighting that can be adjusted to the user’s preference and an LED picture light panel. There’s also a twinkling fiber optic tactile wall carpet that can help reduce anxiety and internal mirrors that can help reduce the strain of eye contact. There are also vibrating seats that can help with those who are suffering from fidgeting episodes. These features can help either calm or stimulate those who have sensory integration disabilities like Autism, Dyslexia, and Dementia.

Of course there are some places and situations that may need something specific and Nook is able to customize their Sensory Pods according to what you need. This is of course something that will help make spaces more inclusive although it probably costs more than your usual pod or working space. But at least it’s a step in the right direction, albeit a more expensive step.